Wednesday, April 27, 2011

anxiety/stress/fear series

I have been working on a series that is deeply personal and deals with my anxiety disorder.  What I am trying to capture what anxiety does to the body and the thoughts that enter your mind.  I deal with the unreasonable and reasonable fears that I think about as well as the way my body is affected by it. These shots were all taken with a 4x5 view camera.


  1. The first one is kinda of boring to me. I like the idea of the hand print, maybe like blood. Like the monster that plagues you? Something about the values or the door cracked right in the middle of the frame makes me not dig it so much. The second looks well done but has a sort of staged feel. Idk it just doesnt look like you are really praying to me. Im diggin the 3rd. Kinda looks like its not even your hand, even though I know it is. I like the 4th one, especially the bruises. Im assuming they are real. I like the 5th but it does seem a little busy with the texture of the blanket and pillow mixed with all the gray. 6th one is perfect, I love everything about it. 7th one is beautiful, I feel so many emotions coming from it. Love the eerie feeling in number 8. Number 9 is my favorite, its super creative and I feel like I know all the endless thoughts running through your head. The 10th one.. Your hair is falling out from stress? I like it, I had to think about it longer than the others. Great composition on number 11, and damn thats a lot of smokey treats! haha THe last one I like, its something just about everyone can relate to and I love how it has the feel of looking through your eyes. Its almost like Im in your head, Im sure any viewer would feel the same and put themselves in that position. Overall, brilliant work! I would expect no less from such an amazing photographer. Great job, Love you dudeski.

  2. I sort of sound stupid now that I read back on that.. should have proof read.. DAMNIT!