Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For my final project in my 4x5 class, I am concentrating on a subject matter that affects my life greatly; my anxiety disorder.  I want to talk about issues of anxiety itself and the thoughts that run through my  mind.

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  1. 1st on is fucking awesome. Extremely scary, Im amazed at how you can take a disabling condition and turn it into beautiful photography. The second is equally good. Love the one of you and yo momma in 3. I get a feel of you holding on to something that keeps you sane. The exaggerated handful of pills is pretty cool, I thought it was candy at first.. But I just love candy. You really look cracked out in the last photo, niiiiice haha. But really I can see the stress from your eyes all the way to your washed out skin.. We need to get tan this summer, WHITEY! Great body of work, you deserve a word of compliments for it. Each piece even on its own looks good. Together its a series full of emotions. Im proud of you, I cant say that enough.